What information is needed to get a project estimate?

Send me the basic data on the project through the request form or by mail.

Indicate whether you need to develop a logo and corporate identity.

Post a link to materials related to your project: detailed description, sites, texts, diagrams, media, etc.

In the commentary to the request, you can indicate material, specific information. For example, if you have a tight budget and deadline.

How to start a project, what is the order of cooperation?

We will agree, during the correspondence or call to skype, the terms of cooperation, the final budget and the work schedule.

For personal acquaintance and communication in skype, I can use the built-in translator if you do not have the opportunity to communicate in Russian. We can connect a qualified translator remotely.

After that, I will send you a contract and specification of the stages of work for signature. We sign. Pay for the first stage of work. And I am starting development.

Usually I divide a project into two stages with a prepayment for each of them. Each stage is a completed unit of work in the form of a project in the online services Webflow or Figma. A prepaid amount of work will be performed by me and transmitted to you as a link to your project.

The pre-agreed terms of the project can be shifted in case of delay in payment, lengthy approvals, delays in the provision of content for the site by the client.

What determines the project development time?

Development time depends on the volume of the project, the time and number of approvals, the relevance and timeliness of the content.

In my work, I am guided by the priority of meeting deadlines. To do this, I clarify in advance all significant issues for the project. And I am not stopping the work, pending the resolution of minor issues that delay the project.

For example, if some of the actual content for the site’s section is not ready, the section will be created using conditional, relevant content. Or, the content and functionality of the page are not completely determined, it will be developed based on our experience and using best practices in a similar direction.

What is the scope of the coordination and revision of the project?

I am work directly with a person authorized to independently make decisions on the project under development. This minimizes decision-making time and ensures that the main idea of ​​the project is not distorted.

The result of this division of responsibilities is the observance of deadlines and the guarantee that the project will not stop on the subjective issues of aesthetics and will be successfully implemented.

Objective, justified adjustments, if necessary, can be made in the course of work on the project and during the week upon completion of the project. Additional improvements are made on the basis of prepayment by the hour. Or submitted to a separate project, with an additionally agreed budget and schedule.

What is a completed project, what are the next steps?

A completed project is your new, customized, and web-based website on the Webflow platform. Website design, presentation or a set of layouts of the visual component of your brand in the Figma online service. Video with the presentation of the project and training in the basic principles of management and work.

Within a week after the launch of the site, I am finalizing the identified problems. And close all the questions raised on the project. At the end of this period, I am carry out adjustments and consultations with payment by the hour.

Are you planning major improvements and changes to the project? To do this, we agree on a separate project, with its own conditions, budget and schedule.

How much does Webflow hosting cost?

CMS plan — $16 per month if paid once a year. Suitable for corporate sites, business sites, promotional and landing pages. Personal sites, portfolios and blogs. My site works on this plan.

There is a Business plan - $36 per month, for sites with high traffic.

And the Basic plan is $12 per month, it does not include the capabilities of the CMS.

In addition, there are several plans for e-commerce — from $29 to $212 per month.

Webflow site shows options for all plans